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CatHandicrafts 致力為你打造時尚的珠寶首飾。

我們相信首飾不僅是日常生活的配飾,也可以是人生中的一個里程碑。 因此,我們提供定制服務,讓你從手繪設計圖直至成品的全過程都能參與其中,為你打造真正獨一無二的首飾。


CatHandicrafts is dedicated to creating stylish jewelry for you. We hope to enrich your everyday life and every memorable occasion.

We know that jewelry is not just accessories for your daily outfit, but also meaningful like a milestone in your life. That's why we offer customized service & provide jewelry in all qualities with different materials, from man-made elements to top quality 18K gold and diamonds in FVS2 grade.


We hope our jewelry can accompany you through your time.

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